Thursday, 7 August 2014

*I do not express any violent or abusive ideas towards public services, nor do I encourage or promote these opinions onto any of my readers or the general public. This is just a raw photo of some of the things I witnessed whilst away, graffiti being one of them.*



After recently finishing my GCSE exams, it was no secret that I needed to vacate somewhere hot, beautiful and equipped with a beach, so that's what happened. I think Spain is a... staple country to visit if you live in Europe- it's sunny, vast and meets all budgets, but it is also an opinion of mine that it's beauty is undermined.
Usually I'm all for visiting busy parts, full of life and history but my family and I opted for more of a 'lazy' holiday- a well deserved break. During our time away we did visit a local city called Tarragona which was breath-taking. It featured beautiful back-street apartments, Roman remains and a (well drooled over) Sephora counter, which we don't have (but really x3 want) in England.
When describing the weather, it was everything I hoped for. I really dislike overly-hot destinations where hugging the AC unit occupies the day, but Spain had the perfect temperature and climate (although surprisingly a little drizzly at some points). The skies were bright, but there was enough of a breeze to maintain comfort, and the mornings were overcast making it a perfect opportunity for walking along the beach.
The hotel we stayed at gave us unlimited access to a waterpark which was about 100m away and definitely brought out my inner 5 year old. It was bliss. There were even dolphin shows, which I tried to get photos of desperately, but the only day I didn't bring a camera, was the day when they had a show sigh. I'm not really sure about how I feel about animals for entertainment, but they seemed to be in a loving environment, healthy, and the acts were very intelligent, (though not quite as amazing as the spectacle we saw in Aqualand, Tenerife). 
Everything was so picturesque in the parts of Spain we visited... you'd rarely find me taking snaps of vegetables in a supermarket, but there I was, in awe over the spring onions and tomatoes. There was a part of the city we reached that had motorbikes lined uphill (see above), and it honesty felt like something only to be seen in an Italian film. I think it goes without saying- if you ever get the chance to visit any part of Spain, you need to.


  1. Omg, they are so much the pictures from my holiday! Would love it if you could check out my blog xo

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    1. I read your post, what a coincidence. Your blog is lovely! x