Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Hi Bugs,

I'm going to try not to make this post too long, I don't want you still to be reading it on New Years Day. When you read this post I don't want you to try and retain all the information, to try and do everything. I simply want you to explore the possibility's I present.

For me, 2015 has been one of the worst years. I've been miserable, unsuccessful and gave up a lot. I got a gym membership that didn't last, my migraines started and I cried more than I should have. So now I've done my time, paid for any karma that may have caused me such failure and I'm ready to start fresh. Are you?

1. Tidy your room / personal space.

Filter out your memories. What do you need to hold on to? The notebook where you scribbled all of your furious thoughts and negative opinions - throw it away! Move your bed nearer to your window. Organize your makeup and clean out the old stuff you don't need. Change your bed sheets. Make your bed. Do what ever it takes to make your space somewhere you want to be, with the things you love and the people you adore.

2). Get a new wardrobe. 

Allow your personality to shine through your clothes. Let them give the first impression of your character. Be optimistic and confident. Wear that top that shows your tummy or your arms. Embrace your insecurities. Start loving yourself and that way everyone else will be able to.

3. Talk to new people. 

I'm not talking about going using Tinder, or finding a stranger on Facebook. That colleague from work you always make eye contact with but never speak to, say hello. What's the worst that can happen? Talk to your neighbours, customers, relatives you've lost contact with. You can learn so much from other people and you'll feel much more confident.

4. Set goals. 

Set a list of goals on New Year's Eve. Things you want to achieve. Start a Soundcloud account and share your music. Get an Instagram and show everybody how great your photography is. If you want to get a set of A's in your exams, write it down. Anything, no matter how small it seems should be recorded. All the little things you want to change about yourself, you should. You can spend the New Year working towards the things you want to achieve. Take your dreams and turn them into goals, that way they're way more achievable.

5. Let go. 

The ex that broke your heart, the friend that stabbed you in the back. Let them go. Don't completely ignore them or pretend they never existed, this process should be mental. If they couldn't last through 2015, don't bother carrying them into 2016 and letting them waste more of your precious time. This year is about you.

6. Do what you love. 

Nothing is more important than passion. Don't be pushed towards something you don't want to do whether that's applying for university, buying a house or anything you're not interested in. Fight for your happiness. Do what you love.

7. Find something to change about yourself. 

What can you change? How can you be better? Only you can answer these questions. If you want to be more kind, or love harder, find a way to do it. Complement more. Don't judge people. Give back. Anything you think you can improve to make 2016 the best year yet, I want you to do it.

9. Forgive yourself (and others). 

We all make mistakes. You can't always be wrong, that's impossible. Some mistakes are worse than others, but they all count equally and the only way you can let go of them is if you forgive yourself and others.

8. Don't lose yourself. 

Change is fantastic and 2016 should be about you, but don't get lost in the "New You" to the point where you forget you are and the things that brought you to where you stand as of now. The past, the present and the future weigh up equally and it's important that you remember that.


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