Friday, 29 August 2014

I love dark lips. I am aware that there is an unwritten law pending the use of colours in relation to seasons. Pastel shades correspond with spring, brights for summer, and dark reds, plums and purples for autumn. However I find it very difficult to restrict my collection of burgundy shades to just autumn, so if you ever see me around, I'll probably be committing the crime of wine lips in the midst of spring.
Because of my fondness to acquire darker shades, I'd call myself quite the expert at finding holy grail products and today I'm here to tell you about a new KIKO duo I recently came across.
KIKO is a brand I don't hear too much about and that's kind of disappointing because they make so many amazing products for the most reasonable prices. It's funny because when I picked out the products I wasn't actually my intentions for them to match, it was after I'd made the purchase (along with a couple of other things) that the colours were pretty much exact.
What I love about the lip-iner, is that it's so easy to use. Even though when you apply it, it can come off a little intense, once it's blended out it's very wearable and long-lasting.
A combination of the colour and the finish drew me to the lipstick. I usually hate glossy products because I hate the way they feel. I have a love / hate relationship with the Revlon Lip Butters and so when I first saw the lipsticks I wasn't too interested, but minutes passed and I was becoming more and more eager to swatch a shade or two and so that's what happened.
Although glossy, it's very light and extremely moisturising and comfortable when applied to the lips. I hardly ever buy or use lip-liners as I just found them to be an unnecessary waste of time as I can usually apply lipstick quite well. I definitely could use just the lipstick on it's own, and if I'm in a hurry I like to apply it with a light hand for a subtle berry stain, but if I want a more put together look then I tend to use the lip-liner as well.
If you are interested take a look at the KIKO website, I'm pretty sure you will not be disappointed.
Lipstick in the shade 811 can be found here
Lip-liner in the shade 309 can be found here

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